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      1. Zhulong talent gathering website (job.zhulong.com) is one of China's most professional human resources organization in the architectural and real estate industry. It is an one-stop human resources interactive platform set up by architectural professionals, senior human resources consultants and IT specialists. They are committed to provide general as well as customized employment, recruitment, certification and other professional services for individuals and companies throughout the country.

        Job.zhulong.com――Professional Headhunting Services

        Based on the huge user base of Zhulong website, the number one architectural portal in China, Zhulong talent gathering website, nowadays having more than 7 million registers, boasts of China's largest architectural talent base. Moreover, we have attracted more than 100 thousand real estate and architectural companies to post recruitment information here.

        The development course

        In 2013 we made some innovations and renewed our website, setting up the first platform in China's architectural world that provide free recruitment service.

        In 2012 we created the mode of customized service, leading the development trend of the human resources service in the architecture and the real estate industry.

        In 2011 we revised our website page for the first time, entering the development stage of scale and integration.

        In 2010 in face of the talent recruitment difficulties in the architecture field, we launched the headhunting services which segmented market, and then made steady progress.

        In 2009 we launched the certification advisory services and introduced characteristic business model, expanding the developing direction of the human resource service.

        In 2008 we started the membership service and grew to be a well-known human resource service organization in the industry.

        In 2007 we officially launched the professional human resource service platform in the architecture and real estate industry - Zhulong talent gathering website (job.zhulong.com).

        In 2006 Beijing Zhulong talent gathering consulting company was set up.

        Products and services

        Online recruitment

        Relying on the largest job information base and user base in China's architecture industry, and a wide range of service networks as well as the advanced technology guarantee and the full support of the industry association, Zhulong talent gathering website experienced rapid development, becoming a leading recruitment website that headhunts architectural talents.


        Individuals can:

        1、Search a job

        We have a vast number of recruitment information in the architecture industry, job seekers can browse for needed information by using the "search " button, thus save the trouble of looking for a job in many places.

        2、Manage your resume

        We provide a complete set of resume templates for job applicants, who can fill out his or her own resume under the guidance of our standard one. Job hunters can also import their Word version resume to the resume base of job.zhulong.com, and they can revise and update their resume any time they want. Job seekers can apply for the desired job by delivering the resume through our website or just email it.

        3、Apply for a job directly

        When applying for a job, the job hunters do not need to be our registered users. They can directly deliver their WORD resume to the company.

        4、Subscribe a job

        The job hunters can set his or her own subscription standard according to their need, and the recruitment information will be delivered to the designated email mailbox on time.

        5、Looking for a job

        This is a free online job management center where users can modify the resume, collect the desired job informations, review the job delivery record, etc.


        Enterprises can:

        1、Post recruitment information

        Enterprises can post their recruitment information anywhere and anytime during the service period, and they have unlimited rights to modify, update, and manage their informations.

        2、Download the resume

        During the service period, enterprises can search our resume database to find the suitable resume, and download corresponding number of resumes and view the contact information of the job seekers.

        3、Display the brand

        Enterprises can display their brand images in the recruitment page to publize the corporate culture and then attract talents to apply for their jobs, improving recruitment effectiveness.

        4、Top recruitment information

        During the service period, enterprises can enjoy the privilege of putting their recruitment information higher in the overall list on our "home page", "region page" or "job search results page". The designated display can increase the exposure rate of their recruitment information of the enterprise and enhance the recruitment effectiveness.

        10、Enjoy the recommendation service

        During the service period, enterprises can enjoy our free recommendation services and receive our resume recommendation emails, which can improve the effectiveness of their recruitment.

        Free recruitment

        Zhulong talent gathering website (job.zhulong.com) use market as the guidance to provide better service for enterprise's recruitment, pioneering in the architectural industry by creating the free recruitment mode. Moreover, enterprises can registered as our members and post job information for free, receive job seekers' resume for an unlimited number, and many other customized and directional service, all of which will comprehensively improve the recruitment effectiveness.

        Directional service

        Take effect as a starting point, in view of the difficult situation of architecture industry recruitment, Zhulong talent gathering website (job.zhulong.com) encourages enterprises to find the related professional talents based on its vast talent reserve and influence;

        Guided by professional knowledge, we can help enterprises to find the most optimal and suitable talent after its advanced selection and professional assessment;

        To benefit as the criterion, we could help enterprises to find the right talent efficiently and quickly that can solve the problems of the enterprise and create value for enterprises, while this service fee is reasonable, which reduces the human resources cost of the integral enterprise.

        Recruitment service

        Integrate with advanced talent resources from Zhulong website, aiming at middle and high-end positions in the architecture industry, the recruitment service can be determined as a senior professional human resources service. The standardization of professional selection process, the traditional ethics and strict service attitude are our commitment and guarantee for providing advanced talents to enterprises in the architecture industry.

        1、organization constitution

        Organized by China Architecture Industry Association and China Civil Engineering Society, relying on the architecture industry, the top website of "Zhulong talent gathering website" focuses on real estate executive search service of the architecture industry.

        2、vast senior talent reserve

        The number of our senior talent reserve in real estate architecture industry is more than 100,000 and prepared talent database capacity is more than 500,000. In this condition, based on the requirement of enterprises, talents will be recommended within five days, and all valid entrust recruitment agreement will be completed during from 2 to 4 weeks or within the contract period.

        3、more than 7 million Zhulong website members

        Senior talents always work stability who will not submit their resumes on the recruitment website. However, based on more than 7 million dutifully members, Zhulong talent gathering website can help enterprises to search for the suitable senior talent quickly.

        4、comply with professional ethics strictly

        Zhulong talent gathering website keeps privacies for the customer strictly, based on the customer profit and the work criterion. We play the third party impartial role between clients and talents to ensure the interests of both sides are guaranteed. On the other hand, we strictly prohibits over-described resume, inveracious recommendation and maliciously raise or reduce talents proceeds, which ensures long-term cooperation between clients and talents.

        Certificate services

        According to the characteristics of architecture industry and the requirements of enterprises and individuals, we launched Zhulong talent certificate service. It covers the architecture industry certificates of Registered Architect, Registered Architect, Registered Structure Engineer, Registered Supervision Engineer, Registration Cost Engineer. There are approximately 200,000 members that have registered certificate with their personal information. Rely on the deep cognition of market, be familiar with industry regulations and large amounts of information, we can help enterprises to find the required certificates with the most suitable expenses as soon as possible.

        Industry resources

        Industry group

        China Architecture Industry Association, China Architectural Institute, China Civil Engineering Society, China Installation Association, the China Real Estate Association, China Reconnaissance and Design Association, Hong Kong Architect Association, Asian Architect Association and other national/international industry organizations.

        International communication

        We get in contact with the Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Danish Embassy, the Royal Netherlands Embassy, as well as the Canada-China Business Council of the Canadian Embassy and the British Council of the British Embassy.

        Design agency

        We have contact with more than 1000 domestic, 300 foreign architecture institutions, such as Beijing architectural design institute, Shanghai modern architectural design group, Mada architectural firm, JiXin architectural design consulting co., LTD., SOM, Gensler, Atkins, Aedas, GMP, AECOM ellerbe becket, Arup etc.

        Professional media

        "Architecture Design", "World Architecture", "Building Skills", "Residential" and "Journal of Architecture , "Interior Designer", "Fashion Design", "Urban Space Design", "City China" and "Urban Architecture ", "Llighting Design", "Interior Designe", "Home", China Architecture News, Architecture Times, Construction technology and other professional media and publications.

        Social media

        Sina, Phoenix nets, Sohu, Tencent, the Beijing news, "China business journal", "Beijing Youth Daily", "Shanghai Pictorial", "Youth Vision ", and many other social media.

        Based on our large talent database, the professional quality of the industry, specification complete development, customer service process, high quality of service and a large number of social resources, we have confident well-founded and undoubted to develop Zhulong talent gathering website into a well known, reputation and professional human resource service provider and excellent talents intermediary service institutions.

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